Ara Azzurro Single Serve Cup Products

Ara Azzurro Single Serve Cup Products

Ara Azzurro Single Serve Cup Products

     All Ara Azzurro single serve cup products are best brewed between 6oz and 8oz and each pod can only be brewed once to get the right flavour out of each brewed cup.

     There are many K-cup® machines available in the market place and they are all different when maintaining the longevity of your machine. Please read up on the maintenance procedure in your manual to ensure your machine is brewing you the best cup of coffee every time.

     Most popular machines in the market place are the Keurig® brewers. Keurig® has come out with their 2.0 brewers which only allows 2.0 cups to work in them, make sure the products you purchase are 2.0 compatible.  Ara Azzurro products are 2.0 compatible and work in all other brewers in the market place.

     Ara Azzurro has also introduced diversity in different single serve cup lines that consumers are raving about due to the different flavours that are available in high quality taste and aroma.

Flavoured Single Serve Cup Product Preparation

- All Ara azzurro flavoured coffee products do not contain any sugars.

- To enhance the flavour in your coffee add sugar. All flavoured products need sugar to bring out the full flavour of the  coffee.

- Insert your cup and use a recommended 6-8oz setting to properly brew your cup of coffee, and add the desired sugar for your   taste (we recommend brown, or raw sugar).

All of Ara Azzurro Coffees are roasted fresh to order

This ensures our consumers will enjoy a true fresh cup of coffee every time.  We also guarantee our product freshness every time you brew a cup of Ara Azzurro coffee.

Make The Discovery™ and the enjoy to the most exquisite single serve cup in the industry!


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      Danielle Vachon
      Oct 28, 2016

      How to recycle? Remove foil and coffee grinds for compost and recycle plastic?

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