Our Journey

About Ara Azzurro

At Ara Azzurro, we are passionate about what we do. That is, supplying our customers with freshly roasted, quality grade espresso, among many other coffee products. Our coffee is available in many styles and types! Whether you need drip grind for your percolator machine, single serve cups for your single serve brewing machine, or coffee beans you can grind yourself, we've got you covered! 

We have now established a growing network of over 500 outlets in Canada and the US where our coffee can be purchased. We will continue to maintain the highest quality production and packaging standards in Ara Azzurro Espresso and all of the derivatives produced under this trademark in the future.

  • Top-quality coffee beans
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed
  • Orders made fresh for delivery!

Head Office

Ara Azzurro Head Office

The Zaccagnini Family

Luigi Zaccagnini was born and raised in a little town in Abruzzo, Italy before immigrating to Toronto, Canada in 1959. Being a natural entrepreneur, he found several ways to support his family. His youngest son, Dino, shared the same ambitious drive and created his first business at a very young age. He always strived to be the best with every venture he involved himself in, and with many years of different successful businesses, he was unfulfilled. After a chance conversation with his father about the espresso he missed from back home, Dino became inspired. He was determined to create the finest quality espresso with the true original European taste and to offer freshly roasted coffee directly to consumers. 

The result has been impressive. The blend used to produce the Ara Azzurro Espresso delivers the highest degree of taste, with no bitterness or aftertaste. All the product offerings are packaged in a vibrant bag designed with a one-way valve to provide degassing of the coffee beans because the product is freshly packed at their facility 8 hours after roasting. The thick "crema" is distinctive and indicates the right degree of blend and roasting.  


"I first tried this coffee at my friend's one night and it blew me away! I have not looked at another brand since."

N. Watkins, Stoney Creek, ON.

"Excellent taste and very fresh! I was surprised this brand of coffee tasted so good. I thought my aunt was exaggerating, but I decided to try it and i'm never going back. Well done, Ara Azzurro!"

E. Osorio, Brampton, ON.